ALTERCADE exhibitions occupied the reception space for Extending Play conferences at Rutgers University in Spring 2015 and Fall 2016. The exhibitions re-combined multiple arcade amusements, pulled from throughout the history of playable public media, spanning cinema and interactive arts.

Fall 2016 Lineup (co-curated with Alex Panait):

CYCLOPS LOOK AWAY (Noca Wu & Alexander King, New York University) Short form experiment in the juxtaposition of cuteness and body horror. (link)

MINOTAUR (Allison Cole, New York University): Two player asymmetric puzzle game where one player sees the map and another controls the player character. (link)

NAVIGATING HAPTIC SPACE IN THE VIDEO GAME COMPOSITION, OR THREE INTERVENTIONS FOR NORMATIVE PLAY (Eddie Lohmeyer, North Carolina State University) Large-scale alternate interface for hacked version of Gauntlet.

STAGE FRIGHT (Brian Kang, New York University) Stage Fright is a single player rhythm and horror game where you take the role of a piano prodigy who is overwhelmed by musical performance anxiety. (link)

Spring 2015 Lineup:

AGENCY (Ansh Patel, New York University): a series of video games investigating meaningful action and player choice. (link)

IN TUNE (Tweed Couch Games, Montreal): a live-action game that has players navigate intimacy and consent. (link)

NEUROHACK (The Circle Machine, Montreal): a lo-fi cyber-espionage mashup of stealth and puzzle genres. (link)