This is a selection of audio, video, and software productions that extend academic thought into more experimental formats.

  • @TimothyLearybot: (link) a Twitter bot that generates aphorisms in the style of American counterculture psychologist Timothy Leary. 2016.
  • Timothy Leary’s Incomplete Software: (link) a web-based collection of publicly available resources related to Timothy Leary’s unreleased software projects. Includes playable software, hex readout (for text-mining), and copies of select Leary publications. 2016.
  • Trash and Boredom: (link) a generative poem based on Nick Montfort’s Taroko Gorge. While Taroko Gorge describes sublime natural beauty, Trash and Boredom describes the opposite– suburban anomie and postindustrial malaise. 2016.
  • Sounding Out! Podcast #44: (link) Retail Soundscapes and the Ambience of Commerce (17min). Field recordings from shopping malls are coupled with narration, exploring the history of ambient music and its relationship to consumer culture. May 2015.
  • ALTERCADE: a recurring exhibition space for experimental games and historical cinema, placed in an arcade environment. 2015-present (more info)
  • PUNKSIM: (game link, documentation link) A Twine-based text game that examines musical subcultures’ exclusivity and intra-group conflicts. Spring 2015.
  • Select-Start. (link) Webmaster for the game studies graduate student organization at Rutgers. Ongoing.
  • Lexus-Nexus. (link) A blog on Tumblr that uses trending and viral content to promote critical readings of media culture. Ongoing.
  • @spambehavor. (link) Automated Twitter account that posts spam-related headlines. 2015-present.
  • Sound Bounce. (link, documentation),  One in a series of “A/V toys” built with Processing to facilitate unguided, open-ended play. 2011.