Here’s a partial list of research projects. You can also download a full CV here (updated approximately twice a year).

Technical Innovation in Liminal Spaces: Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Post-Literary Culture, 1950-2001 (tentative title): Dissertation project examining the genealogy of multimedia expressive cultures in 20th-century United States.

How do I hold this thing? Controlling reconstructed Q*berts: Article in Haptic Media Studies, special issue of New Media & Society (eds. Parisi, Paterson, and Archer). Addresses the role of epitextual documentation in reconstructing historical haptic game interfaces. (link)

MALware Technical Report: Timothy Leary’s Mind Mirror: Outlines bibliographic research techniques for use in historical examination of 1980s-era computer software, using celebrity psychologist Timothy Leary’s 1986 software title Mind Mirror as a case study. (link)

100 Greatest Video game Franchises: Ecco the Dolphin: Essay in edited collection from Rowman & Littlefield, contextualizing the hit 1992 Sega Genesis game within broader genealogies of existential horror and Cold War psychology. (link)

The Value of Vaporware: Examines the social, cultural, and economic usefulness of products that are never released.

  • “It’s the Game You Don’t Play: Sonic X-Treme and its Self-Appointed Keepers.” Paper presented at Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) 2015. (more info)
  • “Funding the Impossible: Virtual Reality, Archive Entrepreneurship and Timothy Leary’s Unfinished Software.” Ongoing archival research project regarding Timothy Leary’s unreleased software. (project site)

Revisiting the Video Arcade: Situates video arcades at the historical intersection of commercial space, youth culture, and technical research.

  • ALTERCADE: a spring 2015 exhibition featuring experimental games and historical cinema, placed in an arcade environment. (more info)
  • “Analog Games, Analog Space: Video Gaming Beyond the Digital,” (guest editor) special issue of Analog Game Studies. (link)
  • “Antagonism, Incorporated: Video Arcades and the Politics of Commercial Space,” essay in issue 8 of Media Fields Journal. (link)

Software Preservation: Examines the material, legislative, and cultural dimensions of software preservation.

  • “Self-Appointed Stewards: Unreleased Software and Unauthorized Preservation,” paper presented at the Society for the History of Technology’s annual conference, 2014.
  • “Q*Bert in Space: Spatial Evaluation in Reproduced Gameplay,” paper presented at 2014 PCA/ACA annual conference.
  • “Reproducing Experience: Hardware Emulation, Software Copies, and Arcade Game Preservation,” MA thesis at NYU’s department of Media, Culture, and Communication.
  • Dead Media Dossier: Sega Home Consoles. (link) An early wiki-based outline of my interest in arcades, gender, and failed products. 2010.